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    Create CV in few steps

    Find the job you want with THRIVITY!

    THRIVITY is number 1 software for employment that allows you to find a job according to your criteria, completely free of charge.

    The software is matching the companies and individuals like you – candidates for work.

    Individuals list their education and skills in CV form, while companies list their needs and requirements. THIRIVITY then automatically connects those whose requirements and capabilities matches and sends an offer to the individual to meet the company.

    The process is completely anonymous until the individual accepts the offer for meeting and agrees to reveal his/her identity. Until then, only your education and abilities are seen and selected. Objectively, without prejudices and connections.

  • What do you need to do to get closer to your desired job?

    THIRIVITY leads you step by step, in creation of your CV. Quick, simple and easy.

    Our software is created to provide you with the best user experience, so we go through the process of creating a THRIVITY CV together, step by step. To start the process click here (link)

    The skills and experiences listed in the CV will be the basis for selection and connection with companies looking for employees, so carefully and honestly fill in each segment.

    The CV that you will create is made according to all modern world standards and you can download and use it whenever you need it.

    You can (and should) constantly update your CV according to your professional development. With just one click you can convert it to PDF, download it to your computer and use it whenever you need it.

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    Second step? To accept or reject job offers.

    With THRIVITY there is no need to apply on job adds.

    By creating and completing the THRIVITY CV, you are part of the labor market 24/7. Our software non-stop applies for you in all open job positions that require your skills and experience. It is up to you to create a CV and then just choose.

    It is important to know: the only thing that is evaluated are your abilities and experiences

    Objectivity in selection and data protection for all candidates for work are extremely important to us.

    Your identity is hidden until you accept the contact request sent by the company. At the same time, you get a complete insight into the company profile and the job post from which the contact request was sent.

  • Receive job offers

    Be open to the labor market 24/7. There is no need to apply on a job post. The software, based on your current job position or next preferred job position, matches and recommends you to companies that have an open job position.

    SMS notification on your phone

    How will you know that a company wants to get in touch with you? Simply, when the company sends a contact request, you will receive an SMS notification, with a link to your personal profile where you can see the company, the job post and accept or reject the contact request.

    Leads you to the next preferred job position

     THRIVITY gives you the option to choose the “next preferred job position”. By filling in this field you will apply for job positions according to your next preferred job position.

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    I'm looking for a job or I just have a profile

    THRIVITY gives you the opportunity to choose whether you are actively looking for a job or not, and you can change that status at any time.

    THRIVITY is here for people.

    We are here to change the traditional model of looking for a job. You no longer have to constantly follow job posts, send emails and write cover letters. Our software is here to connect you with companies that need your skills and knowledge, objectively, quickly and securely.