• The experience of working with THRIVITY is great. I recommend using this software, because you already get selected candidates for the job position you need. THRIVITY, together with the team that works there, offers great support for your needs, and that is why they are our first choice!

    Dusan PopevskiPOPE COMPANY / CO-OWNER
  • If your goal is to grow into a company that lives its own development vision, in which people are competent and highly engaged in achieving it, APOD is your real destination. I encourage job seekers to create their own THRIVITY profile in order to be connected to the right job position.

    Goran ZdravevskiSAMANTHA / CO-OWNER
  • In cooperation with APOD and THRIVITY, you collaborate with an open-minded and broad oriented team, of highly professional, experienced individuals, who meet their goals with their progressive and innovative approach, at the same time educative and practical.

    Oliver JovanovskiLIKOM / OWNER
  • THRIVITY team with its Career Center are extremely professional and fully committed to their collaborators. With the memorandum of cooperation, we started a project for student’s career development. THRIVITY shows a special capacity to complete their proposals and to accept challenges related to the complexity of all activities.

  • Cooperation with THRIVITY led to successful changes in several segments: creating a culture of motivated and dedicated employees, optimization of employee’s turnover, attraction of new talents, improving productivity in organization, and creating a clear strategy for business development.

    Radmila HandziskaMEDICUS HELP / CO-OWNER
  • With THRIVITY’s help, we managed to find employees with the necessary qualifications for a short period of time. We are very satisfied and would like to continue with our cooperation. We recommend to the job seekers and companies looking for employees to first register, and then use the platform to expand their business contacts.

    Igor MilceskiGOLDIREN / CO-OWNER
  • The knowledge and experience that THRIVITY team has, brings new approach to the recruitment process, as well as new values and new standards in the development of the HR sector. Nowadays, when there is no room for mistakes, THRIVITY is the right partner for selection and development of the most valuable capital in companies – the people.

  • Unlike most agencies / platforms, the process for searching candidates with THRIVITY is very clear, flexible and gives you complete control over the selection. The filtering and specifying options are mitigating the work and target the right candidates. It was great that there were already potential candidates in the data base.

  • THRIVITY has access to active job seekers and educates them in order to create opportunities for each candidate to reach the desired job, according to their experience and level of competences that they have. This is extremely important for employers, to have access to all relevant candidates for certain job position.

  • Using THRIVITY employment software is a great way to connect job seekers with employers. It helps to improve and strengthen their mutual communication. Thanks to THRIVITY, we reached to qualified candidate who fitted the structure and needs of the job position we were looking for.

    Marija Srebrenova TrendovaINVENCE DOOEL
  • THRIVITY is a revolutionary software because connection of companies with potential employees is completely different from the current practice. The algorithm connects the candidates with the potential job post according to their qualifications and desire, which reduces the number of unsuitable candidates and shortens the selection time.

    Iskra TrajkovskaPNEUMATIK / TDA TRADE
  • Со THRIVITY се запознав уште на самиот почеток и искрено многу ми се допадна идејата за изработка и лансирање на ваков тип на платформа. Последниве години се соочуваме со голем проблем, а тоа е недостаток и стручност на работна сила. Наша препорака до кандидатите е да го користат THRIVITY за меѓусебно да си помагаме и да се пронајдеме.

    Виктор ИлиевскиДигитал Центар, ко-сопственик
  • THRIVITY е сосема пристапна и лесно управувачка алатка за сите работадавачи. THRIVITY треба да го користат сите лица кои се активни баратели на работа во Македонија, бидејќи само на овој начин можат да дадат дополнителен придонес во создавањето на поквалитетен кадар и зголемувањето на вредноста на своето знаење и вештини.

    Александар КчевАдвокатско друштво Бона Фиде, партнер

How THRIVITY works?

Synergy of modern technology and our knowledge in the field of human capital management.